Tips on for reliable patenting in San Diego

To flourish, you need to develop an idea or create a great product and these days, you have to protect your invention by filing for a biotech patent. However, going through this process can be quite frustrating, difficult and confusing, your patent can even get rejected or you may give up along the way. Hiring a patent attorney is the answer but you will want a reliable attorney to guide you throughout this process. It is so frustrating to pay for the service of a patent attorney who cannot help you secure the maximum protection available for your idea or product. For this reason, you will want to work with an attorney who is well informed and effective attorney. Below are 5 tips to help you get a reliable San Diego patent attorney.

  • applying for a patent i San DiegoDo your research

Do a detailed research on what is expected from a patent attorney before hiring one. Well, this will not make you an expert in patent filling but it will give you an idea on what your potential patent attorney should discuss with you. This will enable you to determine if they know what they are talking about.

  • Be specific

Determine what skills you will want your potential attorney to have. Do you want him to have patent knowledge only or would you like him to be knowledgeable about other intellectual areas in addition to the patent. It is better to choose an attorney who can assist with the product even after the patent process is complete. Be very selective and do not settle on an attorney because he is the most convenient or the cheapest, knowledge and experience is much more important than the cost.

  • Interview

Most people go to great lengths to find a good dentist or a physician, they spend a lot of time interviewing potential doctors until they get one who is compatible with their requirements. You should also do the same when looking for a patent attorney. You will work with this person on something that you hold dear, therefore, ensure that your work ethics, morals and ideas are compatible. They should represent your product as specific and unique and not make claims that are obvious about the product.

  • Rejection

Patents are rejected several times before they are accepted. Talk with your potential patent attorney on how you will modify the patent for it to be accepted. You should have a plan with your attorney and he should know how to present and describe your product again in case of rejection.

  • Fees

You will obviously consider the fees before hiring an attorney but this should not determine who to hire. The charges of experienced and knowledgeable patent attorneys are higher than inexperienced attorneys. The average cost of a patent process in San Diego ranges from $2000-$5000 depending on the experience and knowledge of an attorney.

Finding a patent attorney in San Diego does not have to be a daunting and painful process. Follow the tips above and you will be happy with your choice.